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Chapman's Neurolymphatic Reflexes


Dr. Chapman's Neurolymphatic Reflexes:
Lymphatic Draginage to alleviate pain and and restore endocrine system function in most cases.

A balanced pelvis is important to the function of all the glands and organse. Therefore, the ability to balance the pelvis is critical to this work. Ortho-Bionomy Spine & Pelvis or Phase 5 workshops are highly recommended.

Workshop location and dates are listed below the description.

Lymphatic congestion is frequently the cause of physical pain, often attributed to muscular tension, poor organ function, endocrine system imbalance and pelvic imbalance. After 30 years work, Dr. Frank Chapman determined that illness and lowered vitality was more directly related to poor diet and lymphatic congestion than to structural faults. He sought to find an answer.

Chapman’s Reflex points are nerve endings that relate to lymph. They take us deep within the body and can reveal when there is congestion around specific nerve roots and organs. In addition to assessment, the points can be used to release lymphatic congestion efficiently and effectively, providing a frequently overlooked piece of the pain puzzle for bodyworkers and their clients. The points can also be used for self-care. Many people are happy to find a natural solution to physical complaints they considered beyond the scope of bodywork. Practitioners can add a new service to their practice with this training.

Learn safe, gentle and effective ways to assess, unlock, balance and normalize lymph flow, improve endocrine function and health, and relieve pain and discomfort.

To prepare students to work effectively with clients on completion of class, Instructor Ann Hoeffel presents the material in groups with a hands-on focus, using Ortho-Bionomy. Units represent hours and are approximate; some classes may offer additional practice time:

An Ortho-Bionomy Approach to Dr. Chapman's Neurolymphatic Reflexes
Introduction---An Introduction to the Lymphatic System, The Endocrine System, and Chapman's Neurolymphatic Reflexes. Neurollymphatic Reflexes for the Stomach Group. (3 units)

• Balance the Pelvis--Important to endocrine balance and included in each workshop since an imbalanced pelvis causes reflexes to be off. (3 units)

• Group 1---The Lower Body: Sciatic Neuritis, Circulation for Lower Body, Colon Group. (typically 6 units)
Pre-requisite: Introduction

• Group 2---The Upper Torso : Neuritis of the Upper Limb, Neurasthenia (Nervous Exhaustion and Insomnia), Infectious Group. (typically 4 units)
Pre-requisite: Introduction

• Group 3 --Balancing Systems: Upper and Lower Gastro-Intestinal Groups, Genito-Urinary Group. (typically 6 units)
Pre-requisite: Introduction

•Group 4--Balancing Systems: Respiratory Group, Allergies Group, Asthma Group, includes some reflexes for head and sinuses. (typically 5 units)
Pre-requisite: Introduction

• Group 5--Clearing the Fog: More Reflexes for the Head, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat and Sinuses. Endocrine Group. (typically 5 units)

Dr. Owens' Protocol: Pelvic-Thyroid-Adrenal Syndrome: a full protocol for assessing and treating neurolymphatic relfexes as related to the Endocrine System. (16 units)
Pre-requisite: Introduction + Spine & Pelvis or permission of instructor.
Highly recommended: One of the groups.

NOTE: Please bring crayons or colored pencils to class; women, please wear or bring a no-underwire or sports bra and a loose-fitting shirt that buttons all the way down the front so that we can see the spine in back, when worn backwards. As always, please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Workshop manual is provided.  It is recommended that students also purchase the classic Osteopathic Manual: "An Endocrine Interpretation of Chapman’s Reflexes," by Charles Owens, D.O. Available a:t Ortho-Bioinomy.org.



The Sun Center, Chicago, IL


Contact: The Sun Center, 312-280-1070.
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Ellicott City Wellness Center, Ellicott City, MD


Contact: The Sun Center, 312-280-1070.
Registration / Cancellation Policies.

October 4-6, 2013 - Dr. Owens' Protocol: Whole Body Evaluation and Treatment for the Endocrine System, known as Pelvic-Thyroid-Adrenal Syndrome. Includes Owens' "excellent means of promotion."

Early savings, typically, if registration is made 5 weeks in advance. Almost Early is 4 weeks in advance.

Please see NOTE above for what to bring.


Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy, Virginia Beach, VA


Contact: 757-428-3588 X 7285

October 24-26, 2014
Chapman's Neurolymphatic Reflexes - Whole Body Evaluation and Treatment for the Endocrine System
(known as Pelvic-Thyroid-Adrenal Syndrome; includes Owens' "excellent means of promotion.")

$440 Early Registration by September 24. $495 Full Registration.

Introduction, Friday, 2-6pm. No pre-requisite.
$85 Friday only, Early Registration by September 24. $100 Full Registration after September 24.

Saturday & Sunday, 9am-6pm. Pre-requisite Introduction, Friday or previously.
$395 Weekend only, Early by September 24. $435 Full Registration after September 24.

Please see NOTE above for what to bring.

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