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Ann Hoeffel
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Hypnotherapy ~ Chicago, Ilinois

MindBody Deep Healing ~ Cellular Healing
Inner Wisdom Coaching ~ Past Life Regression

makes use of a natural process that takes place every 90-120 minutes in which our mind frees itself from stress by cycling into what is called a "trance state." This de-stressing is part of the body's innate self-healing, self-regulating nature. It's that moment when you lose your train of thought in the middle of a sentence, or you forget where you put your keys, or you're driving somewhere and, for a split second, you forget where you are going. Your body downshifts into a more relaxed brainwave pattern, which is commonly referred to as a trance-like state.

That state can be a very effective tool for accessing inner resources to make desired changes. Some people liken the process of hypnotherapy to creating a dream state in which you can observe or experience yourself as in a movie, at a safe distance, and then learn from it or even direct / re-direct the scene towards a fulfilling outcome. This process creates new nerve pathways in the brain that lead to a desired outcome. The field of neuroscience calls it neuro-plasticity, or brain plasticity. It is one of the most effective ways I've learned to make changes safely. (This is nothing like stage hypnosis you may have witnessed as a child.)

Is there a pattern of thinking, a behavior or something about a relationship that you'd like to change? Your purpose may be to gain awareness and understanding, change limiting beliefs, heal old hurts, or transform old worn-out behaviors toward a fresh healthy pattern of living or relating that supports your life now. Hypnotheray can be helpful for many purposes. Whatever it's use, people agree it is a very powerful, natural, safe and useful process.

Hypnotherapy and Intuitive Trance can help with just about anything -- accessing inner resources for health, vitality, harmony, creativity. . . for insight and intuition. . . inner child work, higher self perspectives. . . for finding what is stored within us from the past, or waiting to emerge in the present.

Whatever your concern, chances are hypnotherapy will help you accomplish it, including but not limited to:

  • MindBody Deep Healing
  • Cellular Healing
  • Relationship Rehab
  • Past Life Regression
  • Soul Perspectives
  • Inner Wisdom Access

In a Hypnotherapy session, people report feeling very relaxed, connected to their body and aware of themselves, more whole. The person experiencing hypnotherapy enters their own deep state of inner awareness and is always in control of what is happening. In other words the person can change their focus to external awareness and return to their normal waking consciousness at any time. Stoping the process is always an option but people don't want to because it is so interesting, clear and transformative. The hypnotherapist facilitates and guides the process. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis; all healing is self-healing.

Ann Hoeffel completed a two-year Professional Training Porgram in Hypnotherarpy and Intuitive Trance Techniques with Ken Saichek, assisted by Valerie Vail Saichek in 1991 at the Oasis Center in Chicago, IL. Ken integrated a synergist study of psychology with training in how to safely and effectively guide a person to their inner resources, wisdom and wealth to effect change from within. Greater awareness and understanding is achieved in the process.

Ken was awarded a Fellowship from the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association for a process he developed that effectively guides a person to the point of creation, or root of what it is they are seeking to change, resolve or understand. This process has proven to be extremely effective at unraveling unwanted beliefs and behaviors and replace them with healthy, empowered choices. For this reason, it is a key process in Ann's work. Natural, safe, empowering, this process helps people transform limitation, vulnerability and fear to expansion, confidence and strength.

Past Life Regression and Soul Perspectives: Ann experienced her first past life memory, that she consciously recalls, at 18 when she was in Paris, France, on a summer foreign study trip. Afterwards, she noticed an ability to occasionally pick up on other lives of other people. Years later she took a workshop in Somato-Emotional Release and afterwards, often found herself experiencing other realities, other times, other situations completely unlike this life that made sense within the concept of reincarnation as described in the writings of Jesus Christ and other sages. She studied metaphysics and past life therapy. She learned about other lives that felt like a description of parts of her inner self, and stories that rang so true. So, life naturally led her to study Past Life Regression and, perhaps because of her own experiences and awareness, she has been able to guide and support people through the process as well.

Ann's spiritual studies and wholistic training enable Ann to effectively help people bring light and awareness to many areas of life for greater understanding, harmony, health and well-being.

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