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The Sun Center is open for in-person and remote long distance healing sessions. In these times
, we will be observing the generally accepted CDC guidelines for staying safe and healthy. The work Ann does is with the client clothed; it does not involve disrobing, nor rubbing lotions on the skin as with traditional massage therapy. When you schedule your appointment, we will let you know exactly what the safety measures and practices are that we'll be following. You probably already know them.

As always, your health and safety is first and foremost at The Sun Center. Thank you.

Updated 11.1.2022

TO SCHEDULE Call 312-280-1070 or email: suncenter@wholisticlifecenter.com (type APPOINTMENT in subject line). Please indicate your avabilability.

Please see Re-cheduling and Cancellation Policy below. Scheduling an appointment means you agree with this policy.

Allow an additional 15 minutes so you are not stressed if there is a short wait, and not rushed after your session. It's important to allow time to stay relaxed and present to your healing process so that changes can be integrated for lasting benefit.

The Initial Appointment - consultation, body evaluation and treatment:
- 75 minutes.........................$ 160

The Consultation includes discussion, body evaluation and brief treatment:
- 45 minutes..........................$ 90

After The Initial Appointment or Consultation
- 60 minutes..........................$ 135
- 75 minutes..........................$ 160

- 90 minutes..........................$ 185

Receive a $5 discount for payment via cash, check, Zelle or Venmo.

For people who schedule weekly, The Sun Center offers a sliding scale, according to need and ability to pay. This is to support clients who need frequent sessions over a long epriod of time, as in the case of chronic conditions, trauma, injury / surgery or important life changes.Consistent, ongoing support is required to interrupt and resolve the underlying cause of old familiar patterns, and to successfully establish the preferred new change or new pattern.

Sliding Scale Fees for weekly appointments based on annual household income, as follows:
Less than and up to $40,000 -- $130,000 or more at the high end.

- 60 minutes................$ 120 -135
- 75 minutes................$ 140 -160
- 90 minutes............... $ 170 -195
- 45 minutes................$ 95 -110

For payment via cash, check,
Zelle or Venmo, subtract $ 5.

Longer sessions are good for chronic stuff, trauma resolution, deep relaxation, life changes or for people who have difficulty scheduling as frequently as needed. Shorter more frequent sessions may be optimal when tension is related to work and recurring, or when the cause of tension is unknown.

To pay for your session online:

My appointment date(s):

Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy: 48-hour notice (Sunday not included) is required to avoid paying the full fee for the appointment you scheduled.

This policy is customary and usual for appointment-based professions, and best enables Ann to work fairly with everyone. Even with 48-hour notice, the likelihood that someone else will be available to fill your appointment time is slim to none

If you frequently re-schedules or cancel an appointment with short notice, a deposit will be required to continue scheduling and a distant session will be offered in place of the in-person session.

Thank you. Your courtesy and cooperation is appreciated.

What are you waiting for? Why wait to free yourself of pain, limiting structural patterns or limiting beliefs that undermine your goals and your quality of life?

Call 312-280-1070 now or email to schedule your appointment.
Please indicate your availability and put APPOINTMENT in subject line..
For more information, please peruse the website.

To your health and happiness! Feel better. Live better.

Thank you for visiting!

Updated mid-March 2023

When contacting us: Please write WORKSHOP or APPOINTMENT in subject line. Include available times.
Email: SUNCENTER@wholisticlifecenter.com. Or call 312-280-1070.