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Ann Hoeffel
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The Sun Center is open for in-person and remote long distance healing sessions. In these times
, we will be observing the generally accepted CDC guidelines for staying safe and healthy. The work I do is with the client clothed; it does not involve traditional massage therapy, nor disrobing, nor rubbing lotions on the skin. When you schedule your appointment, we will tell you about the safety measures and practices that we will all be following. I'm sure most of you already know what they are.

As always, your health and safety is first and foremost at The Sun Center. Thank you.

Well-being comes from within.

Feel better. Live better.
Our first wealth is health.

"Health and vitality reflect harmony and joy in living --- life purpose, self-care and a happy heart are essential. Life is constant change and challenge and we all need help along the way. Through my work, I facilitate whole self-healing and restoring harmony through physical balance, emotional healing, mental clarity and spiritual connections to support you in creating a fulfilling life. "

---Ann Hoeffel

Call 312-280-1070 to schedule an appointment or email with APPOINTMENT in subject line.

The Sun Center is fortunate to have been located in charming Old Town, right in the heart of Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood for over three decades! Alas, the building has been sold.

The Sun Center has moved to 1821 West Belmont Avenue, inside Tribe Healing Arts building.

Balance & Self-Healing -- click to read how it's helped others.

  • Relieve pain and reduce stress
  • Balance body alignment
  • Heighten bodymind awareness
  • Accelerate energy and inner healing

Wholistic Support

  • Deepen connection with your inner self and find solutions
  • Heal emotional wounds
  • Make lasting changes from the inside out
  • Strengthen your alignment with Spirit / Wisdom
  • Renew understanding and appreciation for yourself and others

Well-being and healing come from within.


Body, mind, heart and soul are one. You can empower yourself by learning how to listen to your inner wisdom through your body.

s a Wholistic Health Practitioner, I support you by activating your innate self-healing abilities and by guiding you to your inner wisdom. I help you listen, expand your awareness and create a self-care toolbox that works for you.

Together we will tailor an individual program to fit your needs.

Since 1984, Ann has been in private practice doing wholistic bodywork. For over 30 years, she has been studying wholistic health and healing systems that work with the bodymind's self-correcting reflexes and innate wisdom. Over 4600 hours of training and certifications complement Ann's natural abilities in this specialized field.
click to read about Ann's extensive training in body-heart-mind-spirit healing.

The mind-body healing clearly demonstrates how perfectly our bodies remember and record our feelings, perceptions and interpretations of life and then protect us from further pain; and how perfectly our bodies will take us right to the source of our own unique healing and wisdom, and to the source of our joy and fulfillment. We come upon serendipity and humor along the way.

Wholistic health encompasses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life. The Sun Center is a wholistic life center, offering insight and support for body, mind, heart and soul/spirit healing. Helping your body heal and helping you discover your potential.

Feel, align and integrate body, mind, heart and soul to achieve balance, restore wholeness, enjoy health, vitality, joy and fulfillment -- a life you love living.

Why wait to feel better? Release stress and start healing.
Call to schedule an appointment, 312-280-1070, or email with APPOINTMENT as subject.

Feel better. Live better. The future begins now.
Facilitating well-being that lasts a lifetime - naturally, from within.

When contacting us: Please write WORKSHOP or APPOINTMENT in subject line. Include available times.
Email: Or call 312-280-1070.