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Client and therapy professionals remarkable benefits.
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Clients often remark on how they feel, changes they notice, during the session or immediatly afterwards. Here are a few of their spontaneous remarks.

Releasing body tension, pain relief, improved function:

 "I don't think my left side has ever felt this good; it's been a chronic problem and I've had a million treatments before. That's very nice, indeed, (after just one treatment) it feels great! I'm relaxed, not sleepy, balanced; more than my psyche. . . my body, my mind is relaxed but there's energy underneath. I look forward to taking classes."

-- Susan O., Naprapath

"You're helping me resolve areas of injury and tension that no one else has been able to touch. It's incredible how much my body is releasing. That whole area feels so much more open and I feel lighter. You're working with really old injuries that I never connected with my current symptoms. I know this is really helping me. Thank you so much!

-- M.R., Body-centered Psychotherapist and Energy Worker

"When I first lay down on the table, I was feeling a lot of torque and pain in my hips and knees. Now it's all gone and everything feels relaxed and open. I love this work. . . It's just amazing!"

-- R. M., Naturopath

"I felt much better for weeks after the session! I have more energy. I walked much more freely and I didn't have the usual achiness (of Fibromyalgia). Everything felt fluid. Thank you!"

--G. Z., Secretary and Massage Therapist

"My arm had been that way for 22 years. And my shoulder feels better. The whole arm is aligned now, all the way up from the wrist, where you worked, to my shoulder. This is going to make a big difference. My whole arm just realigned -- this work is amazing!"

-- Cindy S., Massage Therapist, IL

Lynn volunteered to experience the work during an Introductory presentation: "In 15 minutes you helped my with a problem I've had for eleven years!"

-- L.C., Administrative Assistant

"OOOOhhhh. . . . it feels so good to be able to change positions without pain. Thank you, Ann.

--D.V., Writer

Making life changes, from the inside out:

I feel really good (smiling), energized. My chest feels so different, lighter. Those images were so interesting. I'm breathing better, more fully. Everything . . . feels different. I went to therapy for years without much result but I can already tell that this will make a difference.

--John D., Salesman

I had no idea this was so powerful! Nobody is doing this.... people need to do this. This is so interesting.... I'm just amazed. (more exclamations)

--Linda F., Businesswoman

Students give feedback and share their experiences during Ortho-Bionomy workshops. Some people also comment on written Evaluation forms. Here is some of the feedback:

What did you find most valuable or helpful in the course?

"The effortlessness of work involved to get a release. . ."

"All the releases for the neck, shoulder and ribs."

"Ann's systematic approach, her clear explanations, her patience. . ."

"The ease of the work for the practitioner...."

How could this course have been more valuable?

"The course exceeded expectations as is! Excellent dynamics, energy and focus . . . excellent instruction. . . a fantastic workshop! Thank you for sharing from the heart!"

--John L., Physical Therapist, Lic. Massage Therapist, FL

"If I had taken the workshop sooner."

--Laura E., Massage Therapist, IL

What was your overall impression?

"Ann is a superb educator and a natural. I've taken a lot of workshops. Clarity, pacing, content. . . truly superb. The course was well orchestrated -- a symphony that continues to evolve."

-- Dale Alexander, Ph.D., Lic. Massage Therapist, FL

Other Comments

"I know it's based on solid scientific principles of the body's inborn self-balancing abilities, but it sure seems like "magic." All I did was hold her leg in a comfortable position for about a minute and the pain was gone! It's incredible. I wish I had learned how to do this earlier."

"Upon reflection, it was a wonderful weekend, Ann. I learned so much . . . about Ortho-Bionomy and about myself. And I am still feeling really good -- especially in my head (from the session I had with you). Thank you for your gifts and thank you for your beautiful presence."

--Mary T., Massage Therapist, WI

"The ability to slow down and focus on the fine tuning was absolutely wonderful. . .Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Thanks, Ann. What a glorious weekend."

-- Susan R., Lic. Massage Therapist-FL

"The workshop (Spine and Pelvis) more than paid for itself in terms of client benefit. "

-- Janice Rutherford, Massage Therapist-IL

 "(After a 3-hr Review.) It's a testament to Ann's teaching that, although I took this class three years ago, and while pregnant, I really have been doing it correctly. I commend you, Ann, on your teaching method; it is precise and memorable and I learned the work on many levels. Thank you."

-- Dori C., Shiatsu Practitioner, Evanston, IL

"The next day at work I had a client with a frozen shoulder. I used one of the Ortho-Bionomy release positions for the shoulder. Then I checked to see if it made any difference and her arm went right up! She was so happy and so was I!"

-- Cheryl P., Massage Therapist-KY

"My leg hasn't moved that much in 30 years! And it happened (in a classroom setting), being the demo and having a student practice the technique."

-- Randy, Deep Tissue Massage Therapist--IL 

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