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Quantron Resonance System
Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy

Isn't it is easier to prevent health problems before they start
than it is to heal an illness?

Reduce stress, activate self-healing and
enjoy a greater sense of well-being!

The Quantron Resonance System (QRS) is an innovative, in-home health care appliance with many health-giving benefits.  After nearly 40 years of scientific study, European researchers discovered a way to restore and enhance cell functioning and energy with the use of pulsating electromagnetic field therapy, known as the QRS. Simply by lying down comfortably on a special padded mat for 8 minutes twice a day, you can boost your immune system, relieve tension and pain and improve your health in many ways. This simple exposure of the body to pulsating low frequency magnetic fields stimulates cell metabolism, increases oxygen assimilation, and accelerates the removal of toxins and waste.  We are only as healthy as our cells. So,when we improve cell metabolism, we improve our overall health. Pulsating electromagnetic fields gently penetrate the body, without negative side effects, and strengthen weak functioning cycles in a natural way. The body is able to do repair work by virtue of its own, innate self-healing mechanisms.  As a result, health and an overall sense of well-being is enhanced. This positive use of technology can actually offset the negative effects of exposure to high-tech living. The pulsed fields are very similar to the earth's own magnetic fields and in 8 minutes can achieve the positive effects of increased oxygenation that results from hours of exercise. Studies have also shown that the energy flow through acupuncture meridians is enhanced after using the QRS. Because it works with the body's own natural forces, the QRS actually assists the work of other modalities, both allopathic and complementary alternative treatments, such as therapeutic bodywork, physical therapy, exercise, nutrition, medication or surgery.

Advanced technology for space travelers is now available to you

The QRS has been tested in the Russian MIR space station program since 1996.   It was installed to prevent calcium depletion in the bones of cosmonauts. Men and women involved in long-term space missions cannot exercise properly in a weightless state and, thus, face decreasing bone density . (Weightlessness produces no-impact aerobics.) When the QRS was introduced, the cosmonauts' circulatory problems improved, they noticed increased amounts of oxygen in the bloodstream, boosted cell metabolism, and increased energy overall.

Now you too can benefit from these proven and documented benefits without going to Mars and back.

"In order to maintain good health, our cosmonauts need to use the QRS on their flight to Mars!"

Professor Dr. of Medicine, V. M. Baranov,
Medical Director at EUROSPACE in Moscow

The  QRS won the Gold medal at the world's largest inventors' trade fair in Geneva, Switzerlan. International patent:  DE4122718

If you'd like to find out if the QRS is right for you,
Contact us for more information by calling 312-280-1070
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A pro-active approach to your own healthcare is the best way, the only way to ensure continued well-being, optimal health and "joie de vivre" all life long.

Safe for home use. Gentle and relaxing. No side effects. Just 8-minutes, twice each day.

Disclaimer: QRS is not a medical device. It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals. Please advise your QRS consultant or doctor when treating special medical conditions with the QRS. People with severe mycosis or epilepsy should consult a doctor before use. Individual results may vary.


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